It Put Me For A Spin

July 5, 2017

This Week! The long-awaited return of our award-winning OKCupid segment! Overwatch is teasing Doomfist! We saw Baby Driver! Kurtis listened to music! Jumanji is getting rebooted? Sex and death noises! Suburban edicate! Standup specials! Firefly! Seeso! Destiny’s Children!


Songs Featured:


Dreams Off Your Shoulder

Beauty In Da Paint

I’m Gonna Be (Mr. Worldwide) ft. Pitbull

Talk Sick

Brass Staples

Push On

Hypno’s Last Dance


Tainted Blues

This Puppy Love

Bru Tang

Spin & Juice

Same Old Blitz

Bootystitious - Song of the Week!

Life’s Like This


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